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Detectori conventionali
Producatori: Teletek

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Teletek SensoMAG-F10
cod: F10

The detector is suitable for environments, where sudden large temperature changes are considered as normal, rooms with high concentration of vapours, exhaust gases, dust, for example kitchens, garages, boiler rooms or other places where it isn't convenient to install smoke detector. [ detalii ]
Teletek SensoMAG-R20
cod: R20

Suitable for applications for locations in which different ambient temperatures occur (e.g. mechanical workshops, tool rooms etc.). The innovative design makes it particularly suitable anywhere where dust, dirt (e.g. sawmills) or high humidity (e.g. wet cells) could affect the operation of traditional detectors. [ detalii ]
Teletek SensoMAG-S30
cod: S30

The S30 is high sensitive optical smoke detector. It is suitable for applications where early detection of smoke or fire is with great importance (e.g. in office buildings, supermarkets, schools etc.). [ detalii ]
Teletek SensoMAG-M40
cod: M40

M40 is a multi- criteria smoke and rate-of-rise heat detector. It is the right choice for applications where the early detection of a fire is important and high reliability is needed - in timbered, museums, hotel rooms. [ detalii ]
Teletek SensoMAG-B24
cod: SensoMAG-B24

Soclu standard, 24V [ detalii ]
Teletek SensoMAG-B24D
cod: SensoMAG-B24D

Soclu standard cu dioda Schottky, 24V. [ detalii ]
Teletek SensoMAG-B24RD
cod: SensoMAG-B24RD

Standard Base with Schottky diode and increased alarm state current, 24V. [ detalii ]
Teletek SensoMAG B12
cod: SensoMAG B12

Base with relay output (not covered by EN 54-5/7), 12V.
Application in Intruder Alarm Systems. [ detalii ]

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